Sunday, December 12, 2010

how was it?

salam.  how was it? terribly sad or extremely hard? if i have to choose, both of them will selected. what was wrong? till today, im failed to dig the answer.

but yes, it"s all about feeling. about cheesy lovey dovey matter that i'l never invite to appear in my life.  sometimes, when we choose to love someone, we love for no reason.  same goes when i choose to hate someone.  often do not know how to hate, when im starting to hate and why im hating them.  everything happened always started from somekind of reason, but in this case, i do not know how to express it. not my mom, and neither my dad can solve it. when everything seems going bad, i choose to leave.  not because im afraid of something, and definately not because im afraid to loose of being lost.  im just a girl who do not letting others to hurt my heart deeply.  when i feel it, i'll learn from it. 

its good to accept apologizes from others, and learn to forgive and forget.   but for me, its become the hardest things in my past life.  forgive and forget..........where should i learn about that?

and yes, i'll give you forgiveness.. but i cant push myself to forget what u've already did to  me.  thrown away your cheap and useless tears to the sea, and you can see how small are them.  compared to you, im hurt more than you.

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